Year 1 Module BAIS300

300 Presentation

The project production and its outcomes

This project was all about learning how to work collaboratively, taking risks, understanding the proccesses of another department and taking away new skills. During this production, we worked closely with Costume to achieve these goals. They got to be involved in the storyboarding phase something associated with our department where they offered us new way of visualising through their use of moodboards. And we got to offer our opinions on what colours the dresses should be, something associated with their department. These are small examples of a much bigger outcome, which was successfully collaborating with another department which saw us produce a great perfume advert.

Planning and production log


Your group process throughout the production for the module

Our process really started when we re-wrote the storyboard with more contribution from Costume. We mainly spoke about the concept and theme, but we had to get around our creative differences to actually get anywhere. Once this was done we were able to really get moving. This led us to planning, which involved filling out all the professional practice documents, production schedules, eqiupment lists, prop lists and set design lists. This led us to actually booking/buying/making the things we needed to implement the shoot, completing the set design and finally filming the perfume advert with Costume.


Your role within the production for the module

Very early on, we decided Ceri would take the role of director. This left me with the responsibilities of Producer, Key Grip and Gaffer. I was in charge of making sure all our risk assessments, health and safety forms, actor/location release forms and contact lists were filled out.  Furthermore, I had to make sure the eqiupment was all booked out, and that we ran to schedule on film day. On the shoot itself, I set up all the lights and with Stephen’s help, I made sure all the wires were safely strapped to the floor with tape, and that there were safe walking spaces around our set to avoid unnecessary danger. Apart from this, my other role lied in listening to Ceri.


The strengths and weaknesses of the group project

The definite weakness for our project was the relationship we had with our Costume counterparts. Although we had worked hard to fix the early differences we had, there was still a sense of awkwardness when working with them. Moreover, we were so worried about dealing with another bad reaction that we tip-toed around them which stifled our creativeness. However, the working relationship between Ceri, Stephen and I was definitely the strength on our side of things. We worked very well as a unit, and this showed as we were ready to go about three weeks in advance. As a unit, we wanted to be slick and we achieved that.


The importance of collaboration in creative productions

Although we had our differences and it was easy to question the point of colloboration with another department during the rough patches, I can look back now and see the importance. Knowing how to handle creative differences in a professional way is invaluable, and sets me up for real world situations very well. Moreover, on a film set I will have to be able to work with several departments; not just Costume. Understanding the importance of other departments is crucial to this, and taking on-board their processes will set me up to be a more-rounded media maker.


Year 1 Module BACM103

Medicine Music Video – Summary

Through one lens, and all in one place, we see the various time frames of a relationship, following it’s progression, from happy beginnings, to break up, and final outcome, played out through the projections of memory, and in real time, focusing on the true impact of heart break. Played out in a neutral and featureless space, the drama is narrated by a supporting song, which accompanies the video, and features the various stages of the protagonists journey.

The direction in the production illustrates the consequences of the experiences, identify a direct link between mind, body, and self, as a demoralising experience (to ones self) triggers a negative mind set, which in turn initiates physical deterioration. In this case, one that leads to an eventual decline into medication, and a tragic loss of self, fuelling a downward spiral, eventually trapping the the self in a perpetual cycle, and highlighting the fragile relationship between self, (experience), mind, and body.

Year 1 Module BACM103

Medicine Music Video – Brief Synopsis

The song is called ‘Medicine’, and it’s about a bad break up. I want to have an actor in a dark room watching an old CRT TV. He looks ill, and warn out. On this TV will be the band performing the song, and behind the actor will be projections of the relationship/break up. He’s murmuring the lyrics of the song as these projections are happening. As soon as the song finishes, he snaps back up and looks fine. We cut to someone shouting “next patient!”

We all use music as medicine to make us feel better after going through tough times, that’s what I’m trying to portray.

Year 1 Module BACM103

From Concept to Final Product (Music Video Test)

Today, we went from thinking of a concept for a music video from only looking at the lyrics and listening to the song once, to actually filming the whole video itself and finishing by 5 o’clock. Impressive!

We were given this task as a class, and each of us who were there were given roles. Jess and Ceri were the directors, Angus and James were the cinematographers/cameramen, Stephen and I were the grips and Harry was the camera operator. However, we all took part in actually performing in the video.

The song we were given:

The idea:

All of us pitched into the idea. After hearing the song, everyone pretty much had the same imagery in our heads: a nightclub, vivid colours, slowmotion, dancing. After we all spoke about this, Dejain showed us this video to to help us a bit more:

We did originally plan on doing a video very similar to this. However, we had to take into account time and eqiupment limitations. We discussed how we could have a someone with a camera and gimbal circling around a subject who would be dancing. We liked the idea of it being slow-mo, so we knew we would record in 50 FPS, and whoever would be dancing would have to dance in double speed. Although we did end up doing something similar to this during filming, we decided that doing this concept alone would become very boring after the first minute.

Instead, we took these ideas on board but expanded. We would have a slow-motion video of a club/rave. We would have multiple people dancing to give it this feel, we would have multiple angles and shots to make it more interesting, we would include the Gimbal idea but supplement this with shots of the dancer’s feet as they danced, the shadows that were created on the wall and friends chatting.

What we did

We set up three dedo lights and one kino flo. We set the kino flo to a vivid pink, and stuck different coloured gels over the dedo lights to add to the colours being created. We were aiming for the look of a night club. Since I was grip along with Stephen, I had to make sure the lights were doing what we intended, and this meant working closely with Angus and James who were testing how the set looked on the camera. Once the lights were set up, and the camera was ready to roll, we filled the room with smoke using the smoke machine. We then spent the rest of the day going through all the shots we needed. I had to leave my post as grip to be a performer in the video, and we had to do a lot of dancing! The camera was set to a shallow depth of field to help further the illusion of a club. All we could see was the smoke, lights and blurred images of people dancing. Perfect!

We did all the shots chronologically, which started with all of us dancing as the camera panned around and moved onto shots of our shoes as we danced. We then wanted shots of friend’s hanging out, so we moved the couch in the DMP room into the middle of the set. We finished off with the recording shadows created on the wall as people danced, and this required us to move the set around some more. We had to move the lights so they created harsher shadows, which meant basically moving all four so they were facing the performers and wall, instead of two being side on as was originally the case.

What I learnt

This was an incredibly valuable task, and it helped me understand some really important points.

Firstly, I now realise how long it takes to do video that is relatively simple. To actually film this, it took three hours. It’s great to have an idea of this now so I know what to expect when I come to film my own music video.

Secondly, it helped me understand the importance of commuciation, storyboarding and shot logging. At times, things were very much all over the place. Everyone was doing their own thing, and we didn’t know what our next shot would be after finishing one scene. It felt as if we were almost making it up on the spot, and this added to the confusion and to the time.

Thirdly, it’s really important for everyone to take a break. Neal kept telling us after every shot to take a five minute breather. To get out of the stuffy room, and gather yourself. This actually helped everyone a lot, and we ended up making more progress than we would of if we had no breaks; with the breaks, no one got frustrated and apart from the occasional confusion, everything ran smoothly. This is a good lesson to learn now before I work with performers in my music video.

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My final edit:

Year 1 Module BACM103

Other ideas I had for my Music Video

Over this whole period of planning my music video, I have had other ideas which I’ll put down below. I still might be able to utilise some of them, and other I can use in my own projects when we aren’t working towards a deadline.

Ideas for the song ‘Friend Please’:

  • Shadows that are in time with piano. Sun shining through trees over eye lids.

Idea based from the song ‘Migraine’:

  • Have a band playing in a forest, or out in the wild somewhere. They will be playing in front of the same set up is in the end of the ‘Migraine’ video. Then, copy this set up to a studio. You hear the studio sounds in the forest: “Quiet on the set! We are going for a take…” band members are looking up at the trees etc.
  • When someone shouts “cut”, as the song ends, we cut back to the studio looking at a guy with headphones and a clipboard. “Was that good?” asks the lead singer. ‘Alright, that was great. Get the next band in’. Current band gets pushed off by security.
  • Opening shot could be the sun on eyes, creating the shadows intertwined with light. This puts the band there, when the lead singer opens his eyes in the forest. 
  • Can have a greenscreen/fake background. Could film wilderness myself, and project it. Band could bump into the greenscreen on the way out.
  • This concept could show where a band goes when they’re playing music.

Ideas for ‘E N T E R T A I N’ remix of  ‘Holding onto You’:

  • Dark, dusty room. Instruments are playing themselves. As vocals kick in, camera pans towards singer who appears from nowhere. When vocals switch, first singer disappears, second singer appears
Year 1 Module BACM103

‘Medicine’ – Music Video Idea (Final Idea)

Medicine Lyrics

I am a sculptor / In all but name/

I find a beauty / Then take too much away/


Please call the doctor / I’m not the same/

I need some medicine / To numb the pain/

I fear the worst until things turn out ok/

I found the right path /

And now I pave my way


/ I’ve been here once or twice

/ But things are different this time

/ I carve my heart out of ice

/ With every word that I write

/ We walk around in the night

/ She falls asleep by my side

/ Until we wake up in the light

/ And see the truth in our eyes

/ There is a string on my heart

/ She pulls it down like a blind

/ That plunges me into dark

/ Then lifts me up to the light

/ There’s more to see from this height

/ She’s got her hand locked in mine

/ As soon as we fall asleep

/ She starts to wake in my dreams


/ We fall asleep in the light

/ And we wake up in the night

/ It’s like medicine

The lyrics seem to talk of a bad relationship/break up, so my idea will be based around this.

Concert scenes:

I can’t really storyboard these scenes out meticulously as I am only going to have a maximum of two chances to film the band playing, and only one chance if they can’t play the full song during the sound check. Moreover, it will be a busy pub and I won’t get a chance to visit the venue beforehand, so I can only make assumptions of what it’ll be like from pictures online.

For these scenes, all I can do is go with rough ideas of what kind of shots I want; apart from that, I have to go with the flow and adapt if necessary.

List of shots:

  • I want this whole segment to have a distorted feel and I feel like this will match the vibe I’m getting from the song. Therefore, wide-angle may be the only lenses needed for this, particularly for close-ups. Perhaps a fisheye lens could be used as well.
  • First of all, I want some shots of the band setting up their equipment and testing their instruments. In post, I will add the ‘buzzing’ sound of a guitar amp being tuned, along with other sounds such as people chatting etc.
  • Wide-angle shots of the stage.
  • Up-close wide-angle shot of the lead singer singing; this will create an interesting shot that feels distorted.
  • Steadicam shot moving through the stage, around the band whilst they play their instruments.
  • I want shots up close of the lead singer’s hands and guitar as he plays the guitar solos.

Acted out scenes:

Establishing wide-angle shot.

There’s an ill-looking guy sitting alone on a rocking chair in a white room. He’s rocking back and forth slowly. We hear sounds coming from a TV.

Camera switches to a shot from behind.

In front of him is an old TV. He’s flicking through boring programs.

Camera switches to a close-up wide-angle shot of his face.

He’s lifeless. He’s passing time. We hear the TV channels switching in the background. He stops.

Camera switches to a shot from behind.

On the TV, we see a live band setting up their equipment. They start playing. For the 46 second intro of the song, we very slowly pan towards the TV.

Cut to the band itself playing live. Wide-angle close up of singer singing.

We see the lead singer singing the lyrics ‘I am a sculptor / In all but name/ I find a beauty / Then take too much away/’. He finishes these lyrics at 59 seconds. We see him playing the guitar solo, and we have interchanging shots of singer, the band and the venue until the lyrics start again at 1:44. We see the singer about to start singing again, but cut.

Cut back to a distant front shot of the ill-looking guy in his rocking chair.

He’s sat like Daniel Day Lewis from ‘My Left Foot’. He looks ill. The camera slowly pans towards him as he murmurs the lyrics ‘Please call the doctor / I’m not the same/ I need some medicine / To numb the pain/ I fear the worst until things turn out ok/ I found the right path / And now I pave my way’.

During this, on the white wall behind him we see a projector start projecting video of his past relationship. Happy times.

*These lyrics finish at 2:08. At 2:19 in the song, we start to hear whispering. The whispering stops at 2:53.*


Intercut close-up wide-angle shots from the right and left when whispering segment of song starts.

He’s in discomfort. He’s shutting his eyes hard. He’s moving his head around. He trying to forget.

We cut to the images being projected by the projector.

The happy times have turned dark. There’s arguments, fighting, a break up. When the whispering stops at 2:53, a guitar solo begins to close out the song. At this point, we cut to another shot.

Intercutting shots of the band playing live, the ill guy and the projections during guitar solo.

Close-up shots of band, with the lead singer playing his guitar solo.

Close-up wide-angle shots of the guy. He’s in a lot of discomfort at this point.

Shots of the projections.

All these things start to intercut even faster as the guitar solo goes on.

Cut to a shot just of the guy

The second the song finishes, he’s clicks. He’s back to normal. Sat up straight.

Cut to shot of a guy in a white coat. The lights are blinding. You can’t see his face.

“Next patient!”

Relationship/break up scenes

Happy scenes:

Her boyfriend is standing alone, looking at the camera plainly. We glitch to a shot of her appearing from behind him. He starts to smile. She stands next to him, they hold hands and smile.

He puts his arm over her as if they’re posing for a photo.

We glitch to a shot of them facing each other. They’re smiling whilst looking into each other’s eyes. They hug for a few seconds, and then turn back towards the camera to resume their original pose.

Break-up scenes:

We have the exact same shot, but we glitch to a shot where the boyfriend is wearing dark clothes and the smiles have gone. They aren’t holding hands anymore.

He goes to put his arm over her, but she shrugs away. He starts to argue with her, as she turns her back to him. ‘Oh, come on! It was a one-time thing!’.

We glitch to a shot of them facing each other. She’s not making eye-contact. He goes to huh her, but she pushes him away. He exits the screen to the right.

Miscellaneous shots:

She’s now standing alone. Lost. Heartbroken. She’s looking around her.

She falls to the floor. Her arms are wrapped around her knees and her head down. She doesn’t know what to do.

A person comes into shot and places a chair down. He lifts her up and places her in this chair. (We’re now in the present day, and have a mirror effect going on as this shot will look exactly the same to the shots of the actress in the chair watching the TV)