Year 1 Module BACM103

Wk 27 – Lip Sync Exercise and Task 1 (Lip Sync Video)

On Monday the 28th, Chris introduced us to all the crew roles you would expect on a shoot, along with a list of instructions the assistant director must go through (as well as the respective crew’s replies) before the director can shout ‘action’. For most of this exercise, I took on the role of Assistant Director; my lack of self-confidence put me off this, but I got out my comfort zone and took on the challenge.


Although this particular exercise was not perfect in terms of high quality, it did allow us all to understand how to slate a scene and towards the end of the session we were in full-flow in terms of our roles during this process. The idea next is to apply the ideas of slating a scene in a task we have been set by Chris, where we have to record a group lip sync video that is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video of us all taking turns to slate a shot.

The idea:

Ceri, Angus, Jon and I have all joined together to tackle this task. The song we decided to use is ‘Genghis Khan’ by Miike Snow.

Angus and I talked a little bit about this idea before we left university, but Ceri was able to develop it and through our group chat we were all able to condense it down to a working idea.

The idea is to have an actor at a desk with headphones on listening to the song we selected. She is jamming to the music, singing the lip syncing to the lyrics. Then inanimate objects on the desk start to come to life and jam out too. They would have eyes and mouths, possibly in the Annoying Orange style which we can do in post-production with masks, so these objects would be able to lip sync along with the main actor.

We all want to focus on what happens behind the camera as opposed to what in front for this task, so doing it in this style means we do not have to go over-the-top in production.

After filming:

This was a really fun project to work on, and as a team we all gelled really well together; we planned and filmed the video in roughly three and a half hours. We all swapped around roles so each of us had a chance to practice slating a shot or being Assistant Director, and this worked out really well. Ceri did a great job in post-production, nailing the effect we were going for; the video came out great. I edited the behind-the-scenes footage which actually ended needing loads of colour correction due to the orignal clips being yellow future lesson: adjust white balance before filming!



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